What do our users say about our apps ?

"LightTrac should be on every Photographer's iPhone/iPad! ★★★★★"

"I travel to national parks for work and I use LightTrac to find the best
locations to set up for sunsets and moonrise photos. A must have."

"Real estate, sports, weddings - virtually any outdoor shooting
is improved by using LightTrac in advance of going to the site."

"Best Moon calendar app! If I knew it was this great
I would've bought it sooner 👍"

"So wonderful, so perfect and beautiful, has everything
I need and more! Best Moon app out there. Thank you."

"It's awesome when people get together and really try to develop
a great phone app!! Thank you. This app is amazing!"

"TideTrac app is extremely valuable to me as I need a certain
tide level to put my plane in the water off of the ramp."

"TideTrac is one of the best designed and most useful apps that I use.
Great aesthetic, easy to navigate, never hangs. Love it!"

"Nothing comes close to the ease of use and the amount of data contained
in the TideTrac app! Quick, easy and accurate, what else would you want?"